Trying to get a nice high starting number for post-holiday weight loss

Considering the way I've been eating for the past week you would think I would have plenty of pictures to show you, but I am in lazy vacation mode and that is not the case. Tell you what: go to a convenience store, walk down the snack aisle, and boom! You've got a pretty good idea of what's been going on around here. Spend extra time in front of the Slim Jims.

It hasn't all been plastic-wrapped fat and salt, though. There was some free-range fat and salt too. Actually, Christmas dinner was faaaaancy.

And the green beans were muuuuuushy. Excellent.

Baby's first chateubriand.
Bread pudding is difficult to photograph, but surprisingly easy to justify eating for breakfast.

If you squint it looks very similar to oatmeal.
I made up for all the excess by having carrots on my waffle.

Carrot cake jam: sounds weird, tastes good.

Anna's Christmas morning look was fairly festive, what with the glow bracelets and all, but it seems like she could do better.

Ah, there we go.

Marrrrrrrrrghy Christmas!

I'm actually not sure why everyone doesn't open presents in costume.

You never know what could be lurking in that pile.

We even got a dusting of snow this year! We're working on our tolerance for cold.

And our brand loyalty.