Slam fight bright light feeling pretty psyched

Sigh. Well. I had it on pretty good authority (definitely either the radio or the internet or a dream I had) that the world was ending around 5:00 am today, so I don't have much prepared for you. We've basically just been running amok around here, eschewing chores, Christmas baking, blogging, etc.

I did squeeze one good bowl of comfort food in though, a brilliant combination of French beef stew and garlic mashed potatoes.

It is the dawning of a new era wherein I always cushion stew with mashed potatoes.
I'm normally not one to go in for doomsday predictions, but Anna's age-and-activity-appropriate reaction of joy and wonder at the Trail of Lights the other night did feel a little bit end-timesy.

You can see where this would be confusing.
So we decided it was important to introduce Ivy to corn dogs while there was still time.

This resulted in joy and wonder as well.