She also wonders how much of Jeffrey's bumbling is just an act

Obviously macaroni and cheese possesses far too many delightful qualities for me to enumerate here ("is composed of macaroni" and "is composed of cheese" top the list), but I do want to single out one of my favorite things about the dish: its ability to absorb healthy things in its cheesy embrace and make one forget that one is essentially eating like a preschooler. For example, if I were to report to you that I had macaroni and cheese for dinner, you would probably feel a tug of jealousy but also a mild wave of sadness/concern regarding vitamin deficiency. However, when I tell you that I had SWEET POTATO and SPINACH mac and cheese from a website that has the word "NATURALLY" in the title, the jealousy you feel should be pure and unsullied by pity or scorn.

This is also why I put vegetables on pizza.

I also made some spiced chicken and dried fruit from the Runner's World website, because that is the same thing as actually running.

Every grain of couscous = about a tenth of a mile, I think.

Anna seems pretty taken with Ina Garten at the moment.

But I'm not sure she's 100% sold on the virtue of GOOD vanilla.

It's a tight contest, but I'm pretty sure Ina is going to wear her down on this point.

It's been a while since I consulted any developmental charts, but I think the fact that Anna has progressed from "lining-up" to "pyramiding" means she's more or less on track.

Gonna send this picture around to some fancy private schools. Try for a few scholarships.

Hey look, a picture of Ivy without extremely visible snot in it!

Probably best not to examine this one too closely.