Baby milestone achieved: cursing the Texas sun

Hey, you all were really interested in/freaked out by the canned meat thing! Maybe I'll get my mom to write a guest post and walk you through it, although I highly doubt anyone outside of my family and under the age of 80 actually owns a pressure canner. Prove me wrong, hipsters! Putting meat in jars is the new knitting club!

All I've done since Friday is throw random things in bowls, so it seems that my motivation-storage is proceeding apace. All I know is, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and chorizo seem sort of random together until you throw a poached egg on top and then BOOM.

It's like it was always meant to be.

I know this one looks like I just steamed the entire produce section and called it a day, but there was an actual recipe involved. Also, peanut sauce.

It's worth eating the entire produce section if there's peanut sauce hiding underneath it.
Ivy is skeptical of 80 degree days in December.

Anna spent the extremely warm weekend discovering her chicken-whispering abilities.

Ivy is skeptical of this as well.