At least I assume that's what they're for

Huh. It seems that I have gone three days without photographing any food for possibly the first time in my adult life. I'm sorry guys, I'm not sure what to tell--HEY LOOK OVER THERE BEHIND YOU WHAT'S THAT?

Distracto-baby, Volume II.

I wish I had captured Emily's lovely bunko spread on Wednesday, but I was too busy cramming sausage cheese balls into my mouth. (Welcome, new Google-searchers!) Apparently some people have never had sausage balls? This makes the parts of my heart that are not clogged with saturated fat feel very sad. There were also some extremely addictive bacon-cheese-potato thingies and some chocolate covered pretzel and peanut butter things. They were also balls. Do you see why it would have been helpful to have photographs instead of relying on my descriptions? I have now said the word "balls" four times in this entry and I'm starting to feel like the general family-friendliness of this space is slipping away from me.

Moving on!

I think one of the most amazing things about parenthood is that just as the children are constantly learning about the world around them, so too are you, as a parent, learning valuable lessons every single day. Do not open the Play-Doh and then leave the room, for example.

Do not set the wrapping paper within child's arm-reach and then leave the room.

Probably just do not ever leave the room. That's what adult diapers are for.