Our advent activity today is "buy more Kleenex"

I'm starting to think I have a cauliflower soup problem. Why do I just keep making it? Is it because I know how lovely and not at all vomit-like it looks in the bowl?

Nope! Don't think that's it.

Anyway, that one was nice but a little spicy for me so I added about a cup of yogurt to it. I find that this is a good fix for many things. (Helpful household tip!) (My house is covered in yogurt.)

I'm reading a book about running and diet which mostly consists of telling me that I would be faster if I were less fat, so I'm halfheartedly trying to lighten things up around here. (Should I even add "halfheartedly" anymore or do you all just infer it before every verb by now?) Ergo: quinoa taco salad with shredded chicken on top.

Not pictured: the half dozen cookies I ate yesterday.
Both of my children have been miserably sick all week, so I have very few pictures that aren't too pitiful (read: snot-filled) to publish. Here is one of the less pathetic.

I know you're thinking "Erica, that's just her 'Wednesday' face," but I assure you she is quite ill.