A Hatrospective

I'm going to postpone my write-up of History Week 2, mostly because I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to break down 15 red onions and haven't managed to finish the last recipe yet.

It is truly a monstrous quantity of onion.

Instead, I thought I would celebrate the one-year anniversary of Anna's...mild attachment to her White Sox hat by taking a stroll down memory lane. The observant amongst you may have noticed a few recent bare-headed pictures here recently, and I'm sad to say (no, I'm not) it does seem to be going by the wayside these days. Don't get me wrong--it's not gone. It's still there, sun-bleached and splotchy, perched at a tilt on a head that's now too big for it. But not every second of every day and night. Just most.

Especially during important procedures.

So let us now celebrate the journey that has brought us here by taking a look at The Hat...through the ages.

Hat out. (Not really.) (Eventually.) (At some point it will just disintegrate.)