Weekend escape to...Texas

Dan and I went a-travelin' this weekend, which can only mean one thing: an inadvisable amount of food, and an inexcusable amount of pictures thereof. First stop was the Pecan Lodge at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

Pretty sure this is what heaven tastes like for people who worship fire.

This is called a Hot Mess, which I intuited to mean I should dive in face-first.
 Quick evening pit-stop at a known quantity.

They served me one very good drink and one very bad drink. I ordered the same thing twice, from the same bartender. Exciting!

Still pretty full the next day, so teensy tinsy breakfasts at Buzzbrews.

At least mine had vegetables in it.

And then on to Cowtown! Hard for pictures to do justice to Tex-Mex, but La Familia didn't disappoint in the least. They also have an admirable penchant for setting things on fire, though I was too slow on the draw to get a picture.

Imagine all this, but also your margarita is EN FUEGO.

We also managed to sneak in a European-hours dinner (read: 10 pm) at Nonna Tata, but the pictures just look like "pasta in the dark." It was juuuuuust cool and inaccessible enough to make me 100% determined to return. I WILL EAT MORE OF YOU, DARK PASTAS.

Anyway, the Fort Worth bed and breakfast we stayed in was very charming, although I could not for the life of me remember what state we were in.

Probably a ghost in this picture if you squint real hard. And drink some whiskey.


 Guessing somewhere in the south...west?