No one says you have to leave the house in your pretty dresses

Hope everybody had a nice Easter! We tried to cram some springtime flower/pretty dress/bunny ears action into our morning. Not sure why we involved Anna, though.

At least I finally got her next to that rose bush.

You know what, maybe the bunny ears are just making her cranky. They are slightly humiliating.

I 100% see a smile there and am counting it.

I know there are a lot of pictures floating around the internet of beautiful place settings and elaborate Easter meals, but I heated up an entire can of green beans, so, bam.


Okay, no fancy meal, but we managed to check off most of the traditional activities. Dying eggs:

"Hey Mom, just buying double the amount of our regular eggs was pretty smart considering their brown shells and all."


It's so fun to recreate things like the Annual Water Table Lizard Rescue for your own kids.