I have actually made a small amount of cookbook-project progress in the past week, but I'm going to save that discussion for another time, as I would rather talk about the fact that I spent all weekend trying to get as close as possible to the cast of Friday Night Lights without actually climbing into their laps.

You're welcome, volunteer security staff.

Yeah, that's Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton making a surprise appearance for which I was in the very front row, whatever, happens all the time. (I think you can see the backs of my, Jennie's, and Julie's heads in that link. They're the exploding ones.)

Pretty standard weekend, overall. Spent some time unsubtly stalking Paul Scheer and Martin Starr.

"Austin was pretty cool except for the creepy drunk girls."

Learned that Dan Harmon can't pronounce the word "bagel."

Or the words "No hard feelings, NBC."

Helped celebrate Mae Whitman's birthday with a shirtless-Tim-Riggins cake.

Stars! They're just like us!

Discovered that being in the presence of Joshua Malina makes me kind of blurry.

It was all starting to get blurry at that point.

And being in the presence of Scott Porter makes me freak out seriously this is me completely freaking out.

Attended the Panel of Hot Dudes Actor's Roundtable.


Caught Lucas Neff really, really enjoying himself.

This picture wasn't just awesome timing, he basically made this face the entire hour.

Ate some food that I didn't have to cook myself.

Came home to discover the girls (probably sensing my wandering attention) really upping their cuteness game. Nice work, ladies.

 Anyway, yeah, ATX Television Festival: A+, would recommend.