Too hot for themes, will revisit in November

After spending last weekend in somewhat close proximity to moderately famous people, I knew I would have to pull out the big guns in order to keep riding that high, so...hope you're all ready to STUFF IT! (Cookbook #65, Lora and Max Brody, 1998).

I realize some of you actually aren't ready, and I'm sorry for catching you off guard.

Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none. Tone of the Goodreads writeup: slightly unhinged. I made Lentil-Stuffed Peppers, which would have been more attractive had I followed the instructions and not overcooked them, but I don't care because Mrs. Huff likes cheeky orphans mushy lentils. Verdict: these were good and easy and made for nice leftovers and maybe I should stop mocking the Exclamatory! Title! and just keep Stuffing! Things!

Cookbook #66: The Four Ingredient Cookbook (Linda Coffee and Emily Cale, 1994, can't find a link to it but here's the sequel I guess?) is pretty much on the other end of the excitement spectrum. Especially when you realize that a very high percentage of the recipes include "Salt and pepper to taste" as the "fourth" ingredient, which is both lazy and mathematically offensive, it really should be "Salt OR pepper to taste," otherwise you are basically instructing us to make either a three or five ingredient dish. Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none. Would I care about the salt and pepper thing if either of these recipes had been any good: I don't know, but probably?

It's pretty annoying.
Verdict: the Hot Cabbage tasted exactly like it sounds, the Baked Onion Rings were pretty unfortunate, the pre-seasoned salmon from Central Market was outstanding. Highly recommend the salmon.

Look, there was an actual baby in my house today! Hello baby June!

I'm guessing this was a reaction to the constant level of noise produced by my daughters. I look like this most of the time.

Of course, her presence only highlighted how enormous and disillusioned my own baby is now.

And if recent lunch-adjustments are anything to go by, her sister is somewhere in her mid-teens already.

That's at least an eighth-grade level sandwich mod.