Italian Week

First of all, I want to confess that it took me almost a full minute after I walked into this room to figure out where Anna was.

If she wants to go as a "bag of stuff" for Halloween, that would save us some effort for sure.

As I'm sure you're all aware, Sunday was Festa della Republica! Which works out great, because guess who has three Italian cookbooks and a bottomless desire to eat pasta? And also...thumbs? (Me. This guy.) Hey, look how cute and authentic Cookbook #62: Country Italian Cooking (Publications International, Ltd. 2004) looks. Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none.

Like some Italian grandmother hand-painted those olive branches while doing other stereotypical Old World things that I am too lazy to generate right now.

So of course it is full of brands. DISGUISED BRAND COOKBOOKS EVERYWHERE. But I managed to find a recipe for Baked Risotto with Asparagus, Spinach, and Parmesan that wasn't shouting the words CONTADINA or BELGIOIOSO at me.

It was nice and quiet.

Verdict: The risotto was good, but it took me a while to find something I actually wanted to make. I guess if you don't know what to do with all of your RAGÚ and FILIPPO BERIO product this could be helpful.

For Cookbook #63: Italian: The Essence of Mediterranean Cuisine (Carla Capalbo, 1994), we took to the grill once again. Provenance: this was one of Dan's clearance-bin purchases. Previous recipes on this blog: none. I kept putting off these Mediterranean Turkey Skewers for some reason, but they ended up being very tasty, as most grilled items are.

Even the eggplant!

Verdict: there are a lot of colorful and appealing recipes in this thing. I should unleash Dan on the clearance section more often.

Cookbook #64: Essential Pasta and Pizza (Carla Capalbo, 1995) has a lovely recipe for Fusilli with Peppers and Onions. Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none.

That name seems kind of familiar...wait, it's the same author as Cookbook #63! And also...ah, hell, it's the same book.

The repeated "pizza with tiny squid on it" was the giveaway.

Verdict: I'm still counting these as two separate entries and you can't stop me.

Anna managed to quietly entertain herself at a birthday party this weekend.

It's a good thing, because there wasn't too much else going on.

Unnecessarily making her own fun since 2009.

Anyway, she does want to tell you about the piñata, if you have a minute.