Wine Weekend

It's possible that my annual-ish girls' oldest friends ever trip to Fredericksburg and its surrounding wineries is significantly more fun to live through than to write about, as I'm noticing that basically every single picture is exactly the same as last year's pictures. Which is...how I like it. Routine! Is my friend! Particularly wine and ridiculous food routines! I am actually wishing that there was some established protocol for June 25th that I could be following right this second. (Note to self: establish hypothetical protocol immediately.) But the point is, you are more or less getting a summer rerun of a post here.

Oh hey, we added HUMMUS this year! What am I even talking about, reruns. Pssh.

Yep, Bavarian potato skins, check.
Dropped omelet, check.
I think the Hill Country Beignets actually got better if that is even possible.

I totally Groundhog Dayed this whole thing, except I had the added challenge of trying not to give all of Central Texas pinkeye. (Wine, uh, sterilizes things, right? When applied orally and maybe accidentally topically a little bit? Pretty sure that's right.) Oh! And our hotel was way more murdery this year. I mean, I think Stephen King personally designed this door.

See? I can still plan an exciting weekend.

Anyway. To make up for my lack of original content above, I think it's only fair to present you with Ivy: The Hat Years Commence.

Ta da!