That's four years in a row of birthday parties with totally normal themes

Anna continued to turn 4 this weekend, so we had a Pingu generic penguin party for her.

At this point my father would like you to know that he did not have a birthday party until he was 27 years old and it involved a plain loaf of bread and a hoop with a stick.

I went with a fairly jumbled "black and white slash things penguins would eat" theme.


Turns out the only things I needed to make were these White Chocolate Snowballs:

And this queso blanco that I did not bother photographing because it just looked like a crockpot full of melted cheese. UGH now that I reread that I see my mistake.

And, okay, the fishing penguin cupcakes weren't the worst:


Hey, Anna got a new hat for her birthday! And it...has...a...propeller on it! Hahahahaha Daddy did not consult Mommy before buying this gift!

I guess it's worth the joy it brings her, though.

She even propellered her way through some 12th Day of Birthday breakfast tacos.

Ivy did not require assistance in order to enjoy hers.