Food Truck Roadtrip

Saturday morning I awoke in a cold sweat. First, I paused to marvel that I could still register the sensation "cold." Then I realized the cause of my panic: the children have never eaten pork belly. I checked to see that the expected high was below 110 degrees, located the whereabouts of The Peached Tortilla truck, and headed off through two toll roads in order to eat tacos in a parking lot.

As you do.

Ivy, who was already in a pretty good mood given that she had a reason to wear a hat that day, added to her happiness by discovering pork belly banh mi and Chinese BBQ chicken.

Who cares about ants and 130 degree concrete when hats and pork fat are in play?

And Anna quietly tolerated her first food truck experience.

Okay, it's possible she wasn't wrong about this one.

Speaking of skepticism, I had been putting off these Lentils with Garden Vegetables, Avocado, Walnuts, and Hummus for several days, because "bowl of extreme health" never really appealed to me. Finally I buckled down and as it turns out, this was strangely delicious.

Nothing improves a dish like an extended period of unwarranted dread.

All in all, I'm pretty sure we'll look back on this weekend fondly.