Time, passing, etc.

Ah, mid-July, when half of my household insists on aging.

My baby turned fooooooooooour!

My Baby turned thirty-foooooooooour!

One benefit of our yearly Birthday Barrage is a steady stream of delightful foodstuffs.

Bread pudding: it's what's for breakfast.

Annual work picnic? Sure, why not!

Hip downtown restaurant? Don't mind if I do!

For three full days I have mourned the fact that we did not bring our leftover salsas home with us.

I chose this drink because of all my options it sounded the most fictional: "whole leaf tobacco-infused cazadores reposado, vanilla infused brandy, lemon, grilled pineapple juice, mezcal essence, volcanic-saffron-infused salt rim," dash of unicorn hair, wisp of narwhal breath.

The most special corn in all the land.

If you put enough garlic and salt into spinach and white beans it becomes a thing upon which I could easily subsist for many months.


I made myself use a utensil here, but it took a significant amount of restraint.

And please note this Birthday Miracle wherein I made donuts that did not look completely disgusting:

Anna you're so big, darling! Adulthood is right around the corner!