Heart of Sneeziness

Okay, still working our way through Plenty, now with bonus recipe links, here we go! I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to get in on this Smoky Frittata, considering it's just a beautiful slab of mustard and fire and dairy products.

Plus it's measured out in those classy European metric numbers! (It's actually not in the book, so there's my primary endorsement for why you should seek this out in print. MATH LAZINESS.)

After my brief flirtation with the flavors of summer last week, I knew I needed to atone for my disregard of the calendar with some Ultimate Winter Couscous. Nothing more wintery. Unfortunately, it reminded me a liiiiiiiittle bit of the curried couscous with roasted vegetables that almost caused me to have a breakdown. Only in the sense that it was a lot of work with a lot of different flavors and ended up tasting fine but not really as special as you would think. Not in the sense that it made me so unhappy that I will still be thinking about it in three and a half years.

If past blog posts are anything to go by I should really just spend the entire month of August in hibernation.

I've been varying degrees of sick for the entirety of 2014, and as someone who is almost never sick and certainly not for two weeks at a time, this is particularly perplexing and infuriating. I'm pretty sure it's just been a perfect storm of being run down after the holidays + terrible winter germs + OH HEY WHAT'S THIS RECORD LEVELS OF CEDAR POLLEN. I've chosen to focus on this last culprit, as it eases my aching throat to focus blame on something specific. I like having a real, material enemy. That I can kick. To the Wildflower Center!

Fine, I didn't kick the tree. But I did give it a good glare.

Everyone was pretty much onboard with my plan to confront my pulmonary assailant.

Especially since it meant fun times on the giant swing.

And some good sibling bonding.

"Did you see Mom muttering at that tree?"

I've decided to take a break from Falling Leaves because I can only take so much joy and hilarity at a time, so I'm going to skip ahead and read Pippi Longstocking. My reward for Pippi Longstocking is muffins, so I'm feeling pretty motivated. Let's see if my affection for Scandinavia holds up!