Now with 100% more uninterrupted meals

You know how sometimes you start a new year and think, This year is okay I guess but I bet it would improve if I managed to somehow send my children away, even if doing so involved driving a total of 700 miles? Me too! So the girls spent the weekend in Mansfield and I spent it in restaurants.

Vegetable pho at Pho Hong. Not sure which direction to take the "pho" pun, since half of you are pronouncing it differently in your heads.

Texas Oysters at Lucy's Fried Chicken. If you're going to order non-fried-chicken-food here, I recommend oysters stuffed with chorizo.

And/or ginger carrot soup.

The Green Belt at Pinthouse Pizza. See all those vegetables? CLEAN EATING IN 2014!

Crispy Chicken Benedict from Kerbey Lane. Turns out, if you visit Lucy's and don't order fried chicken, you will be haunted until you find some. Preferably buried under hollandaise sauce.

Okay, maybe that wasn't the resolutionest of starts, but don't worry, I totally have things under control.

One glass of kale negates one week of nonsense. Nutrition math.

Anyway, I am slowly ramping up New Cooking Project and the girls are back to their studies.

Giraffe Spot Placement 101.

Welcome back, January! My favorite boring time of year. Everyone remember to pick up bananas and peanut butter for Elvis' birthday tomorrow.