String those beads, baby

Hey, I survived a weekend of pursuing my weirdly punishing hobby! As part of my energy-hoarding efforts, I had the girls whip up some Two-Potato Vindaloo for me. (They used Plenty, because LIBRARIES, but I am coming to realize that pretty much every recipe in there is from Ottolenghi's column in The Guardian.)

The puppy was only supervising. It's a vegetarian book, you guys, come on.

"Potatoes on top of rice" was the starchiest thing I could imagine. Next time I race I will probably try to make this into a sandwich somehow.

I'm pretty sure my success* on Sunday was due to the Blerch on my back.

*Extremely relative term.

You would think that after such an outpouring of effort I would dive face-first into a pile of burgers and pizza, but that would be so predictable.

In my defense, there were also about two gallons of queso. I'm actually not too confident in my defense strategy.

Anyway, Holly and A'Dell conspired to make me spend a bunch of money on a Clarisonic (I am powerless in the face of a Pretty Woman GIF), so now I have to go try and get Ivy's Etsy shop off the ground so we can recoup some of that.