I think they're trying to steal my honey

This morning was about the eighth time in the past month that school has been delayed or canceled due to…I don't know, clouds? I guess? It's pretty cloudy today. As I mentioned in the last post, I have come to accept the legitimate insanity of the weather at this point and am now turning an eye toward accepting the fact that every time it falls below 40 degrees, my beloved city will barricade itself indoors. Fortunately, Anna filled up this morning's two-hour delay with some solid preschool-isms, such as her announcement that the Barbie dolls are looking "very dapper" today and the world-weary manner in which she informed me that per the news crawl on television, tomorrow will be "predictably warm." Of course, while my four-year-old was being four in the best possible way, my two-year-old was being two in the twoest possible way. Just. Really. The very twoest. Still, I give this morning's delayed start a solid B+. See, there's a silver lining to all these QUITE MENACING clouds! (Some of them might actually be BEARS! Think about it.)

The best thing for such a gray and cold…ish day is probably a soup or braise or some all-day crockpot situation, so I apologize for offering you the following, um, raw broccoli salad instead.

Except I don't really apologize, because it is Melissa Clark's Garlicky Sesame-Cured Broccoli Salad and it is way more delicious than raw broccoli salad has any right to be. Truly. I'm pretty sure it doesn't even qualify for Responsibility Broccoli status, due to the 3/4 cup of olive oil involved. That's okay though, I think it's about time broccoli had a chance to be the decadent component of your meal for once. Just throw a piece of Responsibility Grilled Chicken Breast next to it and go to town.

Ivy was the first one out the door this weekend (once the weather was back in the 60-70 degree safe zone, obviously). She just can't abide all the wintertime slacking that goes on around here.

She was also more than ready to venture to the store with me today. Don't worry, she was well-protected. From the clouds.