Loafing, limping

Just thought I should let you guys know that I got really sick of In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite and stopped finding Melissa Clark interesting at all HAHA JUST KIDDING I cooked four more recipes out of it. Sorry, Wells Branch Community Library! You can pry this book out of my sticky dead hands.*

Queso Fresco Quesadillas with Papaya-Avacado Salsa. It's possible that I would like absolutely any combination of avocado, salt, lime, and cilantro, but I ate a LOT of this particular combination. Very quickly.

Baked Flounder Cod with Eggs. One of the best things about Clark's breakfast section is her eat-whatever-foods-you-want-in-the-morning approach. THIS IS THE CORRECT ATTITUDE. Swistle knows what we're talking about.

Chocolate Chip Pecan Loaf Cake. I love me a loaf. Always have, always will.  You can pry this loaf out of my crumby dead hands.

Chorizo with Sweet Pepper and Onion Stew and Fried Croutons. This is heavy stuff. It is not spa fare. It is for places with real winters and also for ME because I LIKE it. It probably goes without saying that you can pry sausage-grease-fried croutons out…from…between my greasy dead knees? I feel like my dead hands are already pretty full. 

Domestic updates: Ivy is two.

Anna is still trying to determine the purpose of this primitive technology.

And I underestimated the toll all that bacon weight would take on me and now my foot is broken. MY DELICATE FRAME COULDN'T SUPPORT THAT PIGGY LOAD.

Or I got a small stress fracture from overtraining about six weeks ago, I can't remember. It's all a blur.

*No you won't, I'll have it back by the fourth, please leave my account in good standing. Thank you.