Eggs and warmth

I have some good news/bad news regarding In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite and its relationship to eggs. First, the good news: I am 100% onboard with polenta now, and this Buttery Polenta with Olive Oil-Fried Eggs and Swiss Chard is largely responsible. That is a tasty, filling, garlic-spiked bowl of food right there.

Also egg-topped, obviously. The greatest of all adjectives.

And then there is the Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich. Has any food item ever sounded more suited to me than a Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich? Eggs! Bread! Musta--hold the phone…no mustard? No mustard in a deviled egg salad? I'm really sorry to report that this is my first philosophical parting with Ms. Clark, whom I had heretofore considered basically my food-soul mate. (Food-soul. Seems like a thing?)  Instead there is mayonnaise, anchovy, and paprika. I guess it is a more thoroughly "deviled" recipe than my standard, as it contains both mayonnaise and anchovies, which clearly tend toward the "evil" side of  the spectrum. In her defense, it still tasted pretty good, all things considered.

Note the Unrealistic Pioneering Bean Salad on the side there.

At least we're all excited about the nice weather this week!

I mean, kind of.

It does seem a little suspect.

Better hit the garden while we can.