Weight, vacation

A very merry Pi(e) Day to you, mesdames et messieurs! As you may recall, last year I presented you with a bit of an abomination and on that very day I solemnly vowed that I would never again do you like that. As it happens, Dan and I are currently on holiday (undisclosed location) (obviously) (paparazzi), but that did not stand in the way of my scouring the…ahem…greater Fort Worth, Texas area for pies. All of the pies. Such is my dedication to you, dear reader. BEHOLD:

Pie, classic.

Pie, fancy.

Pie, pizza, redundant.

And obviously, pie, BEST.

You have no idea how many food service professionals Dan had to confuse in order to make our pie mission a success, so you are welcome. And in case you are feeling a bit more hands-on than myself this year, here are some very intriguing pie recipes. PLEASE REPORT BACK.

Salty Honey
Lemon Chess
Peanut Butter Cup
Sour Cherry Slab
Momofuku Crack
Grapefruit Meringue
Sour Cream Apple

We left the girls with my parents, so I'm not sure what they're up to at the moment. Last I saw, half of them were having a pretty good time.

Okay. Back to our mystery retreat.