You know it's fun when they make you wear a smock

I truly believe all life-prolonging manuals should involve lentil soup, so good job on that count, Longevity Kitchen. Only kale Nothing feels healthier than a spoonful of teensy legumes. The extra years, they are PILING ON TO ME LIKE SO MANY CLINGY TODDLERS. Wait, one of those is an actual clingy toddler. Anyway, good thing lentils are crazy-cheap, I'll be able to afford my longevity insurance premiums.

Honestly, I believe all cookbooks should involve lentil soup.

On Wednesday, Emily and I met up at Elizabeth Street Café to celebrate our collective birthdays.

Our collective birthdays were an average of 46.5 days ago.

2014 continues to be The Year of Being Right On Top Of Things. Six months in, still going strong.

This was an exciting week for Ivy. First time at the new children's museum!

First day of preschool!

Well, I mean. I was excited.