That is in fact why we laughed

Okay, I know I was supposed to be in a demon-cake-induced heat-coma for a few months, but for some reason the rest of my family is refusing to see the many benefits of sleeping until September, possibly because the weather is seriously confusing them right now.

This is uuuuuuhhhhhhhhnusual.

So I guess I won't be giving myself over to the lethargy, no matter how terrific of an idea that is, which is a shame, but hey! While I'm up anyway, look at this! It's a Bon Appetit with a list of summer recipes! Seems like I should probably make them all!

It's a normal thing that people do!

I have to tell you guys, I've probably flipped through this issue a dozen times now and I still can't find the part where I have to kill something, so I dunno, this summer project might be kind of a letdown. I guess that makes sense, given that it's obviously not actually summer because it was sixty-eight degrees yesterday, did you see that? WAIT, AM I HAVING LATE-ONSET HALLUCINATIONS FROM THE CAKE? IS IT A HUNDRED AND THREE DEGREES OUTSIDE AND I'M JUST TRAPPED IN A SEMI-LUCID ESTIVATION DREAM STATE? Of course I would dream that I was blogging about a cooking project I've already done before. Worthless brain.

Guess I'll press on either way, especially since I've already knocked out seven of the forty-eight recipes. Man, I was pretty impressed with my progress before I realized this was all happening in my head.

Possibly phantasmagoric BA#1: Minty Spinach Dip. This is good because it is 75% sour cream.

BA#2-4: Lemon-Ginger Brew, Strawberry-Ginger Lemonade, Extra Stormy Dark and Stormy. I already want to make the lemon-ginger brew again. So I WILL. It's not like I'm bound by the LAWS OF REALITY. And actually, the laws of reality completely allow for this, no problem. 

BA#5: Steak Tacos with Cilantro-Radish Salsa. The steak is chewy, the steak is always chewy, in this and all possible worlds there is chewy steak.

BA#6: Canal House Classic Vinaigrette. If you click on the link, please notice that Bon Appetit chose to showcase this salad dressing by placing a single leaf next to it because they have nothing to prove.

BA#7: German Potato Salad with Dill. I liked this. Were I the sentimental sort, I would point out that I also liked it the first time around, when it was the only enjoyable item on a certain magical
Scandinavian buffet.

In keeping with today's pleasant and slightly otherworldly tone, here is an image that made Anna laugh uproariously:

In keeping with the blog's regular tone, here is what she solemnly explained after a brief pause: "Its eyes are a different size than the glasses. That's why we laughed."