State of torpor: engage

Here is a nice pleasant plate of Martha-approved food items for you, some black pepper tofu with soba noodles, nutritious and not at all horrifying because I feel kind of bad about the other day.

Still a little shaken up? I understand. This homemade butter will help, I promise.

No more nightmares.

And, just so you know, the ghoulish pastry is no longer among us, not because I threw it in the trash and then set the trash bag on fire and then sprinkled the ashes with holy water, but because I wiped it off with about ten paper towels and I ate it. All of it. Because it was fine. And also, I am working on an extra layer of fat because I was just informed by TJ that estivation is a thing and GUESS WHAT TOMORROW IS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER SUCKERRRRRRRS.

Before that though, I'm soaking up these last few moments of spring, trying to live in the moment and really say "YES" to life, you know? Even when life is four and wants to play Chutes and Ladders, which is just…unquestionably the most mind-numbing way for children to learn about the capriciousness of fate and futility of human effort, even then, still "YES."

It's possible that I'm too devoted of a parent.

She was seriously invested in this.

For a while.

It starts to wear you down.

About 15 minutes in she announced "This game is actually kind of boring" and asked to watch TV.

I have never loved her more.