I'm pretty sure Anna won, though

It's definitely July now. For real.

We are a scant one month out from the solstice, meaning that there are…let me check my almanac…yep, eight more months of summer ahead of us. No choice but to beat the heat for a while by barely tolerating a trip to the splash pad.

Very refreshing! At least we enjoyed the company.

Meanwhile, Dan is out of town, so I searched the Bon Appetit for a recipe I would be willing to make for just myself and came up with BA#21: smoked salmon on toast.

This might not seem very ambitious until you consider that my menu plan for tomorrow night is "pretzels."

It was tasty. I highly recommend putting smoked salmon on toast and then giving yourself credit for cooking.

With Daddy gone, we're stuck entertaining ourselves, what to do? Anna has a lovely new stack of thoughtful and engaging birthday gifts, so obviously the girls spent four hours yesterday playing a game called "Pillow Head."

I am not 100% clear on the rules.