I hope next week will bring some Kids in the Hall

Wow, you guys sure were starved for a soft-hitting exposé of a decrepit mall fad! Who knew? Thanks for all your enthusiastic feedback, it has very slightly lessened the psychological blow. Here's a fun/terrible game that Regan and I have been playing, if you want to join in: every time you contemplate a major purchase, calculate it in terms of photo books ($2,125) and almost anything will seem like a justifiable expense. ("I got out of Target for only 1/20th of a photo book today!")

So anyway, uh, back to recipes now, everybody! (If you are thinking of my life in terms of televised sketch comedy from the 1990s, as you should always be doing, consider last week "Bad News Jeans" and this week "Lowered Expectations.")

First, some recovery pasta. 

BA#22: Spicy Cavatelli with Zucchini and Leeks. I ordered fresh cavatelli and it was a superlative decision on my part. I EXERCISE GOOD JUDGMENT SOMETIMES.

Next, a three-ingredient dinner for a still-exhausted soul.

One ingredient of which is burrata, due to its cream-containing properties. Soul cream! BA#23: Classic Caprese Salad.

Then, I don't know, kind of a cleanse, I guess?

BA#24: Crispy Brown Rice "Kabbouleh." I keep reading and re-reading the list of ingredients, and it makes no sense, but somehow this is delicious. (Lowered expectations.)

BA#25: Spinach Salad with Dates. This should be called Spinach Salad with Dates and Lime I Just Keep Noticing Lime It's So Distracting That There's Lime In Here But It Tastes Fine I Guess.

BA #26: Spinach-Honeydew Cooler. I just don't have it in me to generate commentary for spinach water at this point.

Except to say that it kind of goop-ifies your fridge, so do with that what you will. Hey Green Stuff, who's your dark handsome friend over there?

Somewhere in my lengthy list of regrets regarding last week's shoot is my failure to hire Anna as a personal posing coach ahead of time.

This would have helped a lot.