Forward-looking Friday

I knew Dan was getting back from a week-long trip late late last night, so I scurried around a bit getting ready for his return, shoving the large person-shaped pile of pillows off of his side of the bed, wiping up at least some of the gelato from the interior of the car, and taking steps to ensure that when he first walked into the house after his extended absence, it smelled of old fish:

BA#27: Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Herbed Crème Fraîche.

It's kind of a relief when a recipe ends up being little more than instructions to heat up the two main ingredients and then eat them at the same time. I don't normally add notes, but if there is a special homecoming involved, I do suggest leaving the salmon skin in the kitchen trash can for a while.

On the less-simple-than-they-appear end of the spectrum are BA#28: Raspberry-Melon Paletas, which, although really freaking fantastic, require straining seeds out of raspberries. This is a tedious chore. There is a lot of staring at the strainer and questioning your commitment to the process.

At some point you start to question everything

But! It will be worth it when you see the looks on your…eh, I've made this joke at least thirty times.

I don't know. They keep eating them.

Small transitional milestone yesterday as Anna attended her last day of preschool before starting kindergarten next month.

Me, eyes welling up with uncharacteristic sentimentality: "Anna, how do you feel about being finished with preschool?"

Anna: "GOOD. Nap time was really boring."

Meanwhile, my current emotional state is such that when I realized we brought home the wrong child's toddler-crafty-thing from Ivy's folder at school I thought, quite reasonably, "I can't believe this is happening to me."