Guess it's "Permanently Unemployed Lawyer Mom" now

In order to celebrate the "end" of summer (School-Calendar Observed) I made the most autumnal recipe from the June Bon Appetit (#37): Slow-Cooked Salmon with Turnips and Swiss Chard. Nothing complements a hot summer evening like "slow-cooked" and "turnips"!

I assume if my kitchen falls below 80 degrees, it will explode.

Guess it's time to go back to school, Ivy's has gone into charting mode.

Are we concerned about starting kindergarten?

No we are not.

Are we concerned about the proportion of backpack to child?

Maybe a tiny bit.

You may recall that I recently had some tasteful photos done, and Regan has now posted her take on the day's events, including an experience-encapsulating picture of me well on my way to the fetal position, so definitely check that out. She also posted her actual pictures from the shoot, which feels, you know, sort of gauntlet-y. It's exactly like the ice bucket challenge except that it helps no one and involves significantly more discomfort/fewer thinkpieces. Anyway, here you go, this one is notable for the fact that it reveals Glamour Shots' belief that the existence of a belly button is a physical flaw in need of airbrushing.

Party on, Garths.