Motion Managed

I've managed to make a few recipes that were non-rage-inducing in the past few days, so that's something. Also, it has reached that special point in August for me when any activity above and beyond breathing (e.g., cooking, showering, speaking in complete sentences) is categorized under "Managed To."

BA#34: Chicken Salad with Creme Fraiche and Rye. Anna ate all of this without complaining, and then she ate leftovers of this without complaining, probably because she is impressed by the fanciness of creme fraiche and does not realize that I used yogurt instead.

You'll find "think up clever captions for the food pictures" in the "Did Not Manage To" column.

…topped with BA#36: Salt-and-Pepper Steak. I'm going to save you a click and let you know that the entire recipe is "buy a steak and put it near fire for a few minutes." WAIT, NO, PUT SALT AND PEPPER ON IT FIRST. Dang it! Recipes are harder than they look.

Anna starts kindergarten next week and she already has homework, which is exactly what she has been pining after for five years, one month, and eight days now.

Playin' it cool tho

You may recall that the end of preschool threw me a little, but if I had to rank my feelings regarding the start of kindergarten, I'd say the most dominant is "jealousy," followed by "envy," because that place smells like PAPER and POPCORN and there are PRODUCE PUNS on the wall.

Sign. Me. Up.

Anyway, it seems like Ivy is also enjoying the end of her summer.