Got her lunch packed up/ her boots tied tight

In case any of my gentler readers are concerned about how posting a picture of myself in my underwear is going to affect my, I don't know, senate campaign or whatever, I just wanted to point out that I'm actually wearing eleven thick layers of airbrushing and three or four of ironic detachment in that picture, which is probably more cover than any of you have on right now. Or else you are overdressed for August. Also, I spared you the picture that is JUST MY BUTT even though it is objectively the best of the batch by virtue of not featuring my hair or makeup.

Anyway, it has been a stressful week, so I made pudding for dinner.

BA #38: Brown Rice Porridge with Hazelnuts and Jam

And also some cake.

BA #39: Lemon Cake with Raspberries and Pistachios

Those probably would have done the trick, but I made popsicles anyway (BA #40: Cucumber-Lime Paletas), because Anna's frozen-treat modeling honestly brings me a lot of joy.

Sell it, girl.

Hey Anna, how is kindergarten treating you so far?

Doing pretty well with all that?