A pile of can't-hits

With all due respect to Mr. Thaddeus Sebastian Eliot (I do not know what the T. S. stands for), it is pretty obvious to me that September is in fact the cruelest month, as it is the one that dangles promises of autumn in front of me while remaining TERRIBLY HOT AND SUMMERISH throughout. I am Charlie Brown and September is Lucy van Pelt and the football is a breeze cool enough to require clothing that features plaid and I fall for it every single year. In T. S.'s defense, he actually described April as the "cruellest" month, which might be a different word altogether, I don't know, this does not seem to be the paragraph where I look things up.

Having said that, the tail end of August was quite unkind itself, at least in terms of Bon Appetit recipes. You know how some combinations are basically can't-miss? Like for me it would be apples + cinnamon, potatoes + cheese, eggs + my mouth, etc. Well, I'm going to go ahead and say that barley + fennel + beets is more of a can't-hit.

Sorry, BA #41. I don't think you ever stood a chance with me.

And you know what, let's just throw anchovies + mayonnaise on that pile too.

I'm actually not even sorry for you, BA #42.

Did everybody wear all of their whitest frocks and fineries this weekend before retiring them for the season? Easter is a long way off! What's that? It's a dumb and outdated rule that no one follows? Well. Suit yourselves. I, for one, am not going to have the ghosts of mean snobby ladies from the Victorian era thinking that I'm out of the loop. You've got nothing on me, mean dead snobs.

Ivy's Labor Day outfit knows what I'm talking about.