Honestly, that redhead makes me agitated

Whew, okay, my wild 500th post festivities are finally winding down, time to reapply myself to one of the five or so projects I have in the air at the moment: The Book's Lover's Cookbook, Late Summer Edition. Look, gazpacho!

I'm not going to bother finding the recipe for you, it was very standard, but I can fully endorse its inclusion of store-bought croutons as a key component.

And also some almond-stuffed bacon-wrapped prunes!

You know what "counts as dinner"? ANYTHING I SAY.

And from whence did the cookbook authors glean these delights? Tara Road by Maeve Binchy, known previously to me only as the author of Circle of Friends, the movie version of which affected my teenaged brain so profoundly that to this day I cannot see poor Saffron Burrows without thinking "How could you???" So I knew more or less what I was getting into here, which was something that ran a bit soapy and predictable but pleased me regardless, even as I struggled not to mentally cast Chris O'Donnell and/or his Irish accent in any of the roles.

Man oh man do we like kindergarten around here.

It's nice to see Anna applying her patented expression of serio-concern to a matter that deserves it, such as proper placement of ice cream cone sprinkles.

Seriously though, this is exactly what parenting is going to be like from here on out, right? Good, good.

Oh I'm sorry, were you actually responding to that previous question, sorry, we can't hear you, sorryyyyyyyyyyyy