I'm certain the pictures will turn out better, if nothing else

This week I decided to go back to doing that thing where I grab a random cookbook from the library and put it through its paces, although I maaaaaay have tiredly foregone randomness in favor of known-quantity-ness this round. I have to say, as much as I have loved me some Pioneer Woman in the past, flipping through the actual book was kind of uninspiring right up until the page where she says I can serve a bowl of beans and describe it as "dinner."

She was right!

I live in Austin, I have eaten a lot of migas, most of them taste the same to me, that is not a bad thing.

Migas are migas. Migas are good.

This Potato-Leek Pizza was delicious. Don't know if it was the potatoes or the leeks or the eight chunks of bacon per bite or…?

Food chemistry is mysterious.

From what I can tell, Anna's kindergarten class has been celebrating Constitution Day for two full days in a row now.

As someone who made a B+ that was bordering right on an A- in Con Law, I approve.

Anyway, I have to go pack, Regan and I are headed up to Seattle for Super Social Food League Weekend Roadtrip Extravaganza tonight. We're actually so committed to taking in all the beautiful calories of the Pacific Northwest that we signed up to run a half marathon while we're there, just to ensure peak appetite-revving. Of course, between the two of us in the past couple of weeks, we have managed to:

  • aggravate a hip injury
  • aggravate a foot injury
  • vomit a little bit
  • infect a sinus
  • eat somewhere on the order of five dozen cookies, that I know of

So unfortunately it seems that the likelihood that this run will be a more enjoyable experience than our last adventure together has been reduced to 99.7, maybe 99.8%. Wish us luck!