I am giving away a totally free blog post, for like the millionth 500th time! That's right. I just straight bait-and-switched you for no reason at all. I learned from the worst!

It is in fact my 500th missive from this particular address, not sure why I kicked it off on such a strangely sour note, oh well, what can you do, go back and delete four entire sentences? Please. I'm not going to start jacking with the process now. (Although, it was brought to my attention yesterday afternoon that Anna believed each new blog post meant that the previous one was deleted, so that there was always only one, and while my mouth said "That's not how it works," my brain said, "Probably not a bad idea.") Anyway, to celebrate, here, in no particular order, are 500 random thoughts I have had since I woke up this morning HAHA JUST KIDDING I DID IT AGAIN BUT THIS TIME YOU ARE RELIEVED. Now we're even. Instead, let's just look at pictures from 500 units of time ago because Fridays are good for resting our brains.


The Battle of Orsha. This battle was not lacking for haberdashery.


My parents were children. Children in outstanding clothing.


The last time I was at Mardi Gras. Rocking that beer/chips/different flavor of chips food pyramid.


Awwww, the girls are wearing matching Christmas pajamas! Outdoors. In…April.


Lawn en-holement, semi-annual.

Minutes (approx.):

Seems to me like things are looking up, or at least through!