Also removed: slight resemblance to Nick Nolte

I asked the girls to help me with BA#29: Sour Cherry Pie (COVER RECIPE!), and eventually they acceded.

The secret ingredient is resignation.

It is a beautiful pie.

Seriously. Take it from someone who has eaten it three days in a row now.

…for breakfast.

Of course, if you factor in the cost of the raw ingredients (almost $20) plus the woman-and-girl-hours involved, it is also about a $500 confection, so proceed with caution. I'll just be over here. Cradling my pie.

Being between school gigs at the moment did not prevent Anna from proceeding with lessons, because what else would you do on a Monday afternoon?

This particular lecture was on treasure maps.

And hey, as long as tiny babies are aging wildly anyway, Ivy went and got a proper haircut. Several millimeters were removed.

I believe she found the experience worthwhile.