Permanent (almost) midnight

I generously instructed Dan to pick out any recipe he wanted for his birthday as long as it was located within the Bon Appetit through which I am currently making my way and several days later I totally came through, because I am right on top of things.

BA#18-20: Nashville-Style Hot Chicken, Classic Coleslaw, and Banana Meringue Pudding.

An exhausting number of kitchen-hours later, I have learned the following: I should leave the fried chicken to the professionals, all coleslaw tastes the same to me, and I should leave the pudding to the professionals.

At least everyone was pretty impressed by my effort.

Also impressive: Anna and I constructed our very first big-kid Lego set! I found many things about Cinderella's castle tiny and delightful. I found many other things extremely stressful. Here are the castle-related issues I have concerns about, in order from least to most anxiety-provoking:

5) The wisdom of a defensive strategy that involves plugging up your murder hole with pink crystal hearts;

4) The crushing amount of cultural pressure to stay traditionally princess-shaped it must take to drive someone to sleep on a treadmill;

3) The Rorschachian implications of how much these necklaces look like a noose to me;

2) The current state of Tom Servo's career; and

1) The fact that it is constantly, constantly JUST ABOUT TO TURN MIDNIGHT RUN CINDERELLA HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY you know what I'm just going to take the clock off and see if Anna notices.