It's the opposite of killing your darlings

I decided to give the "IN LOVE WITH SUMMER" Martha Stewart issue a shot even thought it is the most offensive cover since...a few months ago. Who writes these things? I could see if we were "embracing" summer, because people embrace things like "change" and "flaws" and "their own thudding mortality" all the time, so summer works in that category. "HUG YOUR BAD THINGS." Hang on, I'm going to get a Sharpie and fix it.

Anyway, I made this Hake Cod Burger because I don't understand what hake is and I won't respond to it.

You come for the seasonal whining but you stay for the rickety joke construction

Honestly, that plate of food is probably someone who was in love with summer would eat, so we're off to a start, I guess.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES CORNER If you squint at this picture, the iPad looks kind of like a water gun.

We're trying, okay?