With blogging it's more like 2% typing 98% begging

They did it! My people turned their ages! The older of my people was granted his pick of any recipe in any cookbook and decided on Diana Kennedy's The Essential Cuisines of Mexico. This is a very good, very intense cookbook that reminded me why I do not often take on ambitious cooking projects anymore, because it is 10% cooking and 90% begging, BEGGING children to please leave me alone for just like three minutes, please, I need...just... let's say 45 seconds of focused attention or I am going to suffer total mental collapse girls seriously if you value your mother at all you will stop saying her name at 8-second intervals I can't stress this enough.

Anyway, I made both the Carne Con Chile Verde and the Budín de Elote but I also grumbled about it a little bit because I am a terrible gift-giver.

The younger of my people got a dozen donuts. She was not consulted.

She's seven!

Still not as tall as a wildebeest.