This also means that 2016 is half over, because OOOF

We made it to July! Independence Day is traditionally the point at which I manage to briefly convince myself that summer is half over, even though in reality it is more like 10% once you factor in weighted temperatures/ennui. But it gives me a nice little burst of delusional energy regardless, enough to power through one last proper Martha v. Rachael June battle. To the barbecue sauces!

This was not especially exciting or nutritious, but it WAS very easy and worked out to like $2/serving.

This was good, but I thought the flavor of the mango got a little lost. Also the guy at HEB teased me for only buying one habanero pepper because Texan grocers are hardcore.

Winner: all of us, because summer is half over, haven't you heard?

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. Don't blow off any fingers. May your chores be ignored and your impulsive self-haircuts be expressive.