I'm worried about what all the wild Rattatas are doing to my property value

Hey guys, I'm sorry that I'm incapable of just not putting a post up when I clearly have no capacity to put a post up, but I hold a superstitious conviction that failing to report on a Tuesday or Friday will result in my somehow becoming untethered from the earth, anyhow, here is a non-maudlin picture of my children by the ocean as an apology.

Having said that, I did consider taking the rest of the summer off so that I could devote one hundred percent of my time to agonizing over whether my allyship is too self-centered or my feminism is intersectional enough. But then I thought, "Without the blog I would have no one with whom to share this slightly terrifying pickle and brisket face wherein the brisket is, I believe, supposed to be a mustache." So here we are.


 Besides, I have other very important interactions to report:

And ALSO, most importantly, it is Birthday Week here at the house. I gave Anna free rein over yesterday's dinner, so she picked a soup-centered lunch from the Better Home and Gardens New Junior Cookbook:

I also gave her access to the five chocolate-themed cookbooks that we own and she picked...the first recipe from the first book.

I'm concerned/excited that her plan is to methodically work through every page of every book.