It's important to give them chores

When I realized that the May and June issues of Rachael Ray Every Day each contained recipes for things that are not pizza but are pretending to be pizza, I knew that I must make them both.

Frittata Pizza with Broccoli Rabe. I thought the ricotta mixed into the eggs gave this a nice texture, although Anna spent the entire meal trying to find the right word to describe said texture that would convey how abhorrent she found it. Looks kind of like pizza? Only gets one pan dirty. 6/10.

Chicken Paillard "Pizzette" with Smoked Mozzarella and Pepperoni. As far as meat covered in cheese covered in meat goes, this was...okay. It did look more like actual pizza, which went a long way in enhancing my disappointment that it was not. 3/10

Pretty sure both children will eye suspiciously anything even remotely pizzaesque for some time going forward.

Ivy, meanwhile, is truly living her best life this summer. I knew I was wise to put her in charge of the Rainbow Marshmallow, Homemade Ice Cream, and Park Donuts division.