The performing arts elementary school is paying off in spades

My recent strategy for meal planning has been: open the Rachael Ray magazine to the middle and pick a couple of recipes from that page. Let's see how it worked out!

First, Summer Spaghetti with Zucchini and Mint. This was quick and easy and pretty good, although I object to the recipe insisting that an "unexpected herb" like mint is preferable to basil. Basil is already perfect, that's why we have put it with pasta forever, Rachael. A recipe isn't better just because you made it taste slightly weird!

However, I have a ton of mint in my garden and no basil, so, 8/10

Next, Ricotta Omelet Soufflé. It was a pain and it came out ugly but I'll give it this: it caused my children to happily eat several spears of asparagus as an alternative to eating any more of the soufflé than necessary.

Also, Anna's long, low "wooooooooooooooow" of dismay was kind of entertaining.

Dinner and a show, 6/10

Anyway, I have tasked the oldest with teaching the youngest to read some sight words before kindergarten starts while I read the Washington Post, everyone cross your fingers for me.