Warning: vacation photo dump

We have returned, TRIUMPHANT, from New Orleans. We now have only our memories and about five extra pounds of body weight and also a bunch of pictures that I personally feel like looking at again right now, so here we go:

Jackson Square: if you squint it's almost like we went to Disneyland but with more fortune tellers

Why yes I do allow my children to choose their own vacation outfits

Ghost hunting at Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

Why yes I do allow my children to choose their own French Quarter tour props

Ivy has never been as happy about anything as she was about the abundance of rainbow flags #pride

Making friends at the aquarium

Also staring down enemies

This was my breakfast *at the hotel when we were too lazy to venture out*

I recommend this swamp tour so highly, it was my absolute favorite part of the trip

Big big donuts at District Donuts

...and small small sliders

First trip to Jacques-Imo's

Still thinking about this sauce

Impossibly beautiful sunset over Oak Street

Slightly worn out by the time we hit the Tulane campus

Communing with nature in Audubon Park



So, in good news for my daily workload but questionable news for the direction of this blog, I probably won't need to eat again until late summer. Probably just pictures of cats until September. Should be great!