Hey there. Not accidentally blinding yourself yesterday took a surprising amount of energy, right? I feel you. Here, have a green smoothie.

Also some Jerk Chicken, why not?

This dish went over well in my house, mostly because the girls currently enjoy screeching "PINEAPPLE" at each other for some unknown reason. Living with children is weird. 

Anyway, got a couple of eclipse viewing boxes available here at a very reasonable price if anyone is in the market, just get at me.

Oh, I also sent both of the "PINEAPPLE"-shouters to elementary school today. Both of them!

The unicorn horn was just for pictures, it didn't make it on to the bus. I don't think.

I'm not nervous about how it will go at all, I'm 100% great. Great great great. Great. I think the cat might be a little bit worried though.