Managed to get an Erasure song in my head at the end there

Hi. I haven't really cooked this week. I have pretty big plans though.

It's not like I haven't accomplished anything, I talked my five-year-old into out of uncomfortable sparkly shoes and into somewhat practical shoes for P.E. days. 

If you do not think this is a week's worth of accomplishment, you have not spent much time with my five-year-old.

We are mostly doing fine with Dan out of town, although we are almost out of teeth.

Hope he remembers to pick some up on his way home.

Anyway, today is the last day to make sure your Wick Habit purchase goes fully toward the SPLC, and also here is a hero playing the Sousaphone to protest a KKK march. It is a good protest.

Don't give up, guys. It's hard to avoid moments of cynicism and exhaustion, but don't let them carry the day. Unless you think there were some "very fine people" in that tiki torch crowd. You are free to give up.