Semi-wild night, G-rated version

Sleepy check-in this morning, as Regan keep me up irresponsibly late last night. That's right, Super Social Food League of Austin was raging, relatively speaking.*

*Relative to being in bed at 10:15.

First we ate some good food with some weird service at La Condesa. I think our waiter may have been doing some type of performance art? But there was lump crab in the guacamole, so, shrug.

Guacamole? Good.

Ceviche? Good.

Pork tacos? Good.

Giant slab of cauliflower? May have been part of the performance art, now that I think about it

After that we went to a Project Runway drag/fashion show, as one does. It made me feel mmmmmmmmvery old. I have only included a few of the more...family-friendly pictures (read: edited out some many butts). 

We got out of there very late by my standards, and we left early. The show might still be going! Bless you young people, I cannot hang, but I did enjoy all the sequins very very much.

Because I am still basking in this "all children at one school" situation, here are the second, third, and fourth day of school pictures, with a bonus argument re: appropriateness of unicorn horn inclusion.