Fried Eel, Spicy Eel

When I told Alex I was thinking about making the Stardew Recipes but I was planning to skip some things like eel, what she probably said was something along the lines of "Why?" or "No, you can't skip anything," although in my memory it was much more commanding. (Extremely Tywin Lannister voice "Nonsense, you will marry the spicy eel and that will be the end of it.") At any rate, I didn't have much of an argument at the time, although if I knew then what I know now about...spines...I might have put up more of a fight.

I followed this recipe for the Fried Eel and after much deliberation created Spicy Eel by adding sriracha to the Fried Eel

Spicy Eel is one of the most valuable dishes in-game, as it gives you a luck buff and a speed buff, both of which are super useful in the mines. Still, I wasn't sure how "the fictional version of this is really helpful in a game you don't play" was going to go over with the children.

As it turns out, Anna's exact words were a deliriously relieved "Mom! It's just fish nuggets!" And Ivy, as we are learning, will eat absolutely anything that slithers out of the briny depths.

ASSESSMENT: The eel actually does taste good, as most fried things do, and especially good with sriracha and a squeeze of lemon. As for luck and speed, I had a better run this morning than I've had in weeks, although the temperature was also the lowest it's been in weeks (months?), impossible to say what the deciding factor was there. I can still feel eel spines underneath my fingernails.