I have discovered the key to enjoying summer, and it is sugar

Oh ho ho we are in the SUMMER RECIPES home stretch now, boys and girls! Check out the summer fun smackdown I laid on this past weekend:

BA #52-56: Hot fudge sauce, marshmallow sauce, sweet-and-salty peanut butter sauce, cherry compote, and wet walnuts. Add snack-aisle sundries, a couple of cartons of ice cream, and a houseful of preschoolers for an instant Festival of Hyperactivity.

Seriously, this will jack them up pretty good.
I covered each of the ice cream toppings specifically in yesterday's Food Lush post, so all I'm going to say here is that my favorite BA recipe so far is for Wet Walnuts because 1) cool name, and 2) it is a combination of walnuts and maple syrup that takes five seconds to accomplish. A++

I was all geared up to throw some righteous stop-adding-unnecessary-elements indignation at these BA#57 chocolate, cardamom, and coffee ice cream sandwiches because CHOCOLATE and COFFEE don't need your weird cardamom, magazine, and then they were very popular and got a lot of compliments. So.

You win this round, Bon Appetit.
All of which was just as well, because it meant I had plenty of exasperated-head-shaking energy built up to deal with BA#58 Chia limeade. Let's take an overhead view:

Nothing more refreshing on a hot day than clumps of stuff in your drink.
And here it is in its full glory.

It was almost worth it just for the "afraid to ask" look on everyone's face.
Anyway, amazingly the pitcher was pretty much empty by the end of the day, probably because it was nowhere near as gross as aquavit.

I know you're probably concerned about me stuffing all these tiny bodies with junk food, but it's not like I didn't offer healthy options:

Er, option.
Chia seeds aside, I have to say that between the ice cream fun and the waterworks outside, this was one day that I was almost happy it was summertime. Goal achieved! And it only took 58 recipes to get there! I could tell Anna really enjoyed everything, too.

Well, I mean, endured everything.